SOEW is a manufacturer and distributor of a full range of low-voltage electrical cables, which range from those typically used in households to industrial steel-wire armoured cables. Its product range includes general-purpose insulated wire, a range of flexible conductors, steel wire armoured cables, flat-twin and earth cables, aluminium conductor steel reinforced (ACSR) cables, aerial bundle conductors (ABC), and surface wire.

All of its products are manufactured at the SOEW plant in Alrode, Gauteng, where stringent quality controls are in place. SOEW also distributes directly to its clients, using its own fleet of trucks and delivery vehicles. Its direct clients are electrical wholesalers and distributors who, in turn, supply the building, construction, mining and retail sectors. As at the end of the reporting period, SOEW employed 395 people, including electrical, engineering, administration, marketing, warehousing, skilled and semi-skilled personnel.

The company's competitive advantage is based on the superior quality of its products, reliable distribution, and excellent customer service, all of which enable it to remain competitive despite the challenging market conditions currently being experienced in South Africa.

The SOEW advantage:

SOEW is a 100% local manufacturer.

The company is ISO 9001: 2008 compliant.

All products conform to the SANS 1507, SANS 1574, SANS 1576, SANS 1418 and SANS 61386 (PVC 20mm2 and 25mm2 conduit) quality standards.

All products are quality tested and approved by the SABS.

SOEW has a 24-hour maintenance team on-site to ensure production consistency, quality and reliability.

The company offers competitive pricing and proven customer service.

Half of the workforce has been employed for at least 10 years, so SOEW has retained valuable institutional knowledge.

The company adheres to the highest health and safety standards using its integrated Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Management (SHEQ) System.

SOEW procures from and empowers local suppliers.

It promotes skills development and knowledge transfer.

Its manufacturing processes are specifically designed to minimise their impact on the environment.

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