In 2011, SOEW's new plant at Alrode became operational, increasing capacity and leading to increased supply chain efficiencies. This has propelled our business into new markets and product categories.

SOEW is committed to the highest quality and service, meeting customers' short and long term requirements. SOEW manufacturing plant covers nearly 30 000m² under roof, and production has the flexibility to change its planning to suit client demand.

Whilst manufacturing to order, the manufacturing facility runs a 24 hour operation, 7 days a week, using the latest machine technology. The company has also installed an in-house PVC plant and currently manufactures PVC for its internal consumption. Production efficiencies are implemented on a regular basis to ensure that SOEW is the lowest cost producer of electrical cable in South Africa and Africa.

SOEW employs in excess of 400 people who represent the full complement of personnel necessary to sustain the growth of our operation which includes electrical, engineering, administration, marketing and semi-skilled personnel. SOEW staff, receive induction training when employed and continues on-the-job training ensuring that staff are properly trained.

South Ocean Holdings will continue to harness the talents of its executive teams and employees to ensure our businesses are internationally competitive, add value and are efficient. Our operations have been streamlined, structures and reporting lines simplified and a solid foundation for growth has been created. We have instituted processes allowing us to respond quickly to changes in our operating environment.